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This was quite illuminating, considering how we tend to rather arrogantly feel that global economics only came into being with the advent of air travel! Yet, in actuality, we have had world trade going on for many years before that!

William Draves

Cem (and Harold and others too), great comments. Since you asked:
"You don't think India and China are competing with U.S." My response: correct, they are NOT competing with the U.S. In manufacturing, they have already won the game. U.S. has no chance of trying to compete with them in manufacturing sector. And as far as technology goes, I agree with Friedman (!) that India and China actually open up markets for us.

"Are you saying global economics is not a new concept?" Yes, although this is not an original idea with me. Again, the British historian says that global economics emerged around 1880. My take on World War I and World War II is that they were both about global economics and the fight for global resources. Thanks for asking Cem. On to lunch!

Cem Erdem

Oh, by the way, if anybody would like to see Tom Friedman's speech at MIT, here is the link.

Thanks to Maria Phillips from Polaris Career Center for sharing this link with me.

Cem Erdem

Bill, despite your warning I read your last comment and yes we are still on for lunch next week :-).

I don’t think we are far apart in our thinking. I agree with your comment that our Ameri-centric view of the world has to change. We need to raise not Americans but world citizens. The moment we start feeling entitled is the moment we start our demise. We have a lot of examples from history; Romans, Ottomans, British Empire.

Asking for $10 a barrel oil is quite arrogant of us, isn't it? Especially when we use 40% of world's oil, 23% of world's natural gas, 23% of world's coal even though we constitute only 5% of the world's population. Considering that there are still 2 billion people with no electricity, it is not hard to comprehend the third world anger and envy of US.

Yes, give us $10 a barrel oil so we can continue to drive our Hummers to grocery stores. Let us influence you make that decision with our military budget which is as much as the REST OF THE WORLD's total military budgets combined. Even if you add Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, N Korea, Sudan, Syria, China and Russia together, their total military budget is only 1/3 of US.

Well I can go on and on on this subject. I need some clarification on your first point though. You don't think that India or China is not competing with US? Are you saying that global economics is not a new concept?

Harold Jarche

How do I compare the books? I actually purchased Nine Shift :-)

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