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I am a female student at high school and I have no problem handing in homework or assignments on time. Even if I know the information already, there may be something in the topic I haven't picked up before. There is no harm in finishing your homework. It keeps you motivated and may even extend your general knowledge of the topic. At the end of the day, the students who have covered the topic and have handed in their homework do much better than the students who have just covered the topic. You will be surprised with what you may learn when you do homework. If you are bored with the topic than try branching out to other areas of that same topic and try 'thinking outside of the square.'

Gemi Powell

My oldest daugher has always been the model student. Everything was turned in on time. We moved this year to a new school and the criteria for advanced classes was different and she didn't "meet" those guidelines. She had been in advanced and gifted courses up to this point. She has stopped turning in homework, her grades are still good but I thought her work ethic had declined. I began to ask questions about what was going on and what is happening. Her reply is extremely interesting. she replied, "I did all this work last year and already know it. I can take the test right now and have an A. What is the point?" It seems her reason for not turning in homework is exactly the same as my two boys. If they know the work and have mastered the topic they are finished. It is extremely important to my daughter to know the material and that is where the hard work is displayed. Knowing the material is just not enough for the school.

Rich Harrison

had an interesting conversation earlier today that I thought you might find intriguing…

I was talking with a 21 year-old web developer who recently interviewed for an intern position with a large, well respected, private software company. Its the kind of company that lots of other software developers I know or have worked with wanted to work for because of its reputations, interesting project, employee benefits/perks, etc. He told me that he probably wasn’t going to take the intern position because everyone had their own, private office.

After first I thought that was a strange reason to not want to work there. But after talking a little more it seems he wants to work in an environment where his co-workers are in the same, less structured work area and can interact without having to go from office to office. A few minutes later he did say that the interaction wasn’t jut verbal. It also includes IM, text messaging, etc. even when in the same room.

Most of my career I’ve worked with folks that have strived to get to the point where they have a private office, with a door. But, if this conversation is representative of the changing work environments people are looking for, we may have to re-think our work spaces.

Terry Newman

One of my daughters was notorious about not doing homework. Or if she did it, she wouldn't turn it in. I think there were some issues of rebellion against the school system which did not fit her personality. She is very smart but her creative side was not served in the traditional classroom.

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