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Jenny Bell

I don't have children yet, but my spouse and I eat together every night and we both feel it will continue to be an important ritual in our family.

I hope Suzanne is right, that most families do eat together, because when I became a teenager I rarely ate with my family and I do feel it caused a distance between us. I guess I thought it was normal, but in hindsight we should've tried harder to eat dinner together more often than we did. My job or friends were always more important.


My family eats together every night. So does every family we know. I'm always startled by these "news reports" that families don't eat together, because I don't know any like that. Maybe it's the overworked news reporters who don't eat with their families and therefore think it's news when other people do.

Terry Newman

When I was growing up, we always had dinner together. When I was raising my kids, we had dinner together every night also. It was such a precious of the few that everyone was together and shared their day. Isn't that why most of us go to eat with share lives and experiences. It also allowed us time to laugh at ourselves, bring up memories or tell about grandparents.

Harold Jarche

We almost always have dinner together - my wife and I and two boys, ages 11 & 13. The time varies, but the only time that we don't eat as a family is when the boys have an early evening sports practice. Then they will eat together, while we usually sit with them. Later, my wife and I will have a dinner for two :-)

I'd say that over the course of a year, we average over five nights a week together, as well as many a breakfast and lunch on the weekends. We do have one advantage - we both work out of the home.

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