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Cem Erdem

Tamara, I understand your skepticism about Bill's theory that the trains will replace cars. I also found it quite far reach when I heard Bill's first nine-shift speech 5-6 years ago (was it in Chicago?). Since then I have been paying attention to this subject and to my surprise, I started to see news on trains popping up all over the place. Even my home town, Minneapolis, now has a light rail system built couple years ago.

Here is something really interesting: I was born and raised in Istanbul/Turkey, moved to US in 1994. I went back for a visit couple months ago and guess what, they built a train UNDER the city. I was so shocked to ride that train because 1. I had no idea that was being built 2. I never thought it is possible to build an underground train system because of the geography - Istanbul is surrounded by water and wherever you dig, you find some ancient ruins (just recently a construction of an apartment by my parents' house was halted because they found some ancient ruins when they dug to build the foundation.) In fact in mid-nineties, they discovered the ruins of another city under Istanbul, deeper and much older than the Roman city Istanbul is built on. So I thought it would be cost prohibitive to build a train system because they have to dig really deep and at the same time prevent water problems. Well, they just did. And they are expanding the train to the suburbs now.

So Bill, any predictions on the stock market? ;-)


Ahh, but GM has sold it's locomotive division:

You know, maybe GM executives should see themselves in the the "transportation" business, rather than the car business. (Hey....where have I heard that before?"

Tamara Ley

I have to commend the writers, Julie and William, on this book. I can’t put it down. The introduction is very interesting. I enjoyed reading about the authors and the Nine Shifts. The Nine Shifts all made sense, but I felt skeptical about number four, “Trains replace cars.” My curiosity drove me to immediately read Chapter 9. The authors are remarkable in their reasoning. It all makes sense to me now. The top six reasons that trains will replace cars are very convincing, indeed. The fact that General Motors is the largest producer of locomotive engines in the country makes the prediction even more compelling

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