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Terry Newman

I'm all for mass transit but last week in Northern Calif. the BART system had a computer glitch which fowled up everyone's commute for 2 days.

Rich Harrison

thought you might find this interesting…

State Legislative Hearing on Expanding Rail Service to be held in Asheville, North Carolina

Have a great weekend!

Rich Harrison

Executive Director

Foothills Connect Business & Technology Center

(828) 447-5292 - Cell, (828) 288-1650

[email protected]

Erik Holden

In the future won't most people still have to drive to the train station or live in cramped high density residential areas? In my vision of the future, I keep my wide open space in the suburbs and maybe buy a hydrogen powered car.

Thanks to all of you future train people for easing my commute, much appreciated.

I agree, for service and convenience the St. Louis light rail deserves an "A" but at some of the stops, you pray for the doors to close quickly!


I live in Chicago and don't drive. But I remember all these long freight trains I waited for. It is a trade off.

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