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David J. Reilly

I just attended the Workshop in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday. The work shop was with Bill Draves and the topic was Creating Successful New Programs. If you haven't attended one of these in the cities around the U.S. and one near you do not hesitate. For people new to learn it will give you an unquenchable thirst for more of LERN. For those of you who are "Lern Peeps", and "9 Shifters" you won't be disappointed and you will come away with another dose of workable power surge. I believe if you are not working with Lern's Research ,knowledge and presentations then you won't be anyones competition. From Lauderdale, the Palm Beach and South Florida, Bill, great job. Don't hesitate to do more of these.

David J. Reilly

Blackboard to Powerpoint Shift

Baltimore, 1900 There is an inadequacy school plants,personnel,and financial support.
Baltimore, 1925. There is a reported betterment of teacher salaries, and encouragement towards professional development

A report states, 5% of the youth graduated from H.S. in 1900, 1% went to college
By 1940 50% of the youth graduated from HS.

We are presently at about 63% graduating from H.S.

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