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You know, I don't think it's sad. My father, a retired elementary school librarian, bought me a pile of books right after I was born. He's into books. When my oldest daughter was born, I bought her sneakers (which she didn't need, because newborns don't walk). I'm into shoes. This dad may just be a computer geek, rather than someone worried about his baby keeping up.

Erik Holden

Using software to teach is nothing new, and Suzanne is right, Dick, Jane, and Spot have been updated and reside in print as well as electronic media.

I think the larger question here is what kind of societal factors are involved in making a parent feel compelled to buy teaching software for a 3 month old. That is sad.


It's simply a different medium. When you give a child a pencil and teach her to write her name, is the real goal to learn to use a pencil or to learn to communicate. Your childhood media learning tools were probably in print or broadcast, pretty much one-way communications. Your grandchild's childhood media learning tools are electronic media form, which is interactive. We're not turning our back on the old media, we're improving the tools we use to teach and learn. (Dick and Jane probably have their own software package. Now you don't just see them, you can make them run, walk, or talk).

I find that Gen Xers "get" that their electronic media sources are just the "tools" you use. When you use a clothes washer, is the ultimate goal to learn the technology or to get your clothes clean? It's the same here. The computer and the software are the tools we use to learn.

Granted, buying software for a 3-month-old may be a little early, but who knows? Anyway, your son will need a little time to learn the software, because your grandchild will probably catch on to it a lot quicker than any of us could.


Great book by the way (9 Shift). Using it as staff Development for my Community Ed Teachers. I gave them a copy at Christmas. My New year card offerd 5 prizes for the first 5 essays which explain the cover of 9 shift.

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