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Gaurav Yadav

In India we have a very big train network, it is widely use by people and has reach to almost every part of India. There is one train named "Palace on Wheels", which operates by India Tourism Department, runs in Rajasthan gives you a feel you are traveling in Palace, the interiors, staff etc. It is one of the attraction for the Foreigners visit India.

Daniel Bednar

I saw this article on, and it immediately made me think of Nine Shift. It is an interview with economist Harry Dent, who predicted the dot-com boom of the late 90s. He is now predicting that the next five years will see an amazing economic upswing, followed soon after by a severe depression.

What made me think of Nine Shift is this:

" far we're following almost exactly the scenario of the Roaring '20s and very closely to what happened in the '90s -- right before we broke into a bubble that no one expected."

Pretty interesting stuff, and I'm glad to see that Nine Shift has done so well.
It's an amazing book.

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