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Okay, Bill, just for fun... every Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner will immediately recognize this as a move on the part of the Red Cross to be Buddhist sympathetic..after all, the red symbolizes Wisdom and the white Compassion--the two key accomplishments of the Buddhist path, which, when combined, are enlightenment. That ought to irritate a lot of people. (just kidding here, though the red and white thing is true)

Is there a colour or symbol which will not raise territory SOMEwhere. Somehow I doubt it. But still, I like the idea of trying to be more inclusive.

Daniel Bednar

It also ties in with the fact that as people move closer together - increasing intricacy - other aspects of our lives will also move closer together. Science and religion will also come to view each other as different pathways to the same destination - the understanding of the universe and our place in it. One seeks to understand the how and the other seeks the why.

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