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Rulers seem to be losing the battle-to lazer levels and measuring devices.
Also Pagers-how I so needed one when working as a contractor and staying in touch!
As for the ditto machine-I so remember them! It was a big deal to get picked to run copies for the class. That smell is so distinct!


Those little erasers you can buy to put on top of your pencil eraser after you have worn it down to a nub.

You know, you could probably make a very nice planter out of the ditto machine, once the weather clears. I remember you used to be able to get quite a buzz off those dittos in school. Made the day go faster....

Cem Erdem

Don't forget to add your watch to your museum, thanks to cell phones. If you were the CEO of a watch company 10 years ago, would you ever thought of Nokia as a competitor?

David J. Reilly

Items for the Museum:
1. TRS 80 Computer/with casette tape.
2. Tape Recorder (reel to reel)
3. Typewriter
4. Chalk (Blackboard, Greenboard)
5. Chalk Board Eraser (felt, leather and sponge)
6. Pop Corn Popper
7. Dial Telephone

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