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We cannot blame them in there way of life...


The issue might be generationally split, but I bet it's split more ways than that. For example, I am a Baby Boomer (52) but I am as pro marriage for homosexual people as I am for anyone else. But I am Buddhist, and I have lived in several cultures besides this one. Could these also be splits?


I live in the South; most of the conservative youth don't support gay marriage, but they are definitely more tolerant of gays than are their parents. Some support the idea of civil unions.

Suzanne Kart

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would oppose gay marriage. If you're gay, you want this option. If you're not gay, what does it matter to you who other people marry? How could someone else's marriage possibly impact your own marriage? Discrimination is not liberal or conservative, it's just wrong.

I'm 34. I would agree that this issue is generationally split, but I don't understand why.

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