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Ejimofor Nkemakolam

eye was facinated by the radio programme-bbc worldservice global business-of 10th february 2005-by peter is interesting to learn the shift from industerial age to information age.eye am interested inthe concept of the long tail.eye shall be most grateful if u would kindly connect me on the learning resource networks(lern) in Nigeria

Fred Bayley

By the way our business and technology center, Foothills Connect has taken an interesting turn because of your book. At our last board meeting I gave all board members a copy. Our technology consulting has been consuming your ideas. He and his wife have been competing to see who is reading the most.

We started in May and will hire our first executive director in September. We have been considering an amazing deal of an office space. One of the best in the county, terrific location, and unbelievable price. It had the furniture and technology inside.

Because of your ideas, we will walk away from this opportunity.
We want to be a model of the future of business. At this time to buy a large structure that we will never completely fill makes no sense. It makes no sense to solicit others to join us. It removes our focus from our vision and ideas. It creates a large elephant that has to be fed and the wrong image of how business is conducted. Our mission is to be the national model of how to build our economy through technology.
Our vision is to be a technology beacon where folks will come from around southeastern US to see the latest technology. We will be providing the pathway to our areas future. Your ideas have helped us understand what is to come and keep our options open.

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