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Doug Soo

The LERN Board of Directors has approved an initial donation of $1,000. That check has already arrived in Lafayette at the evacuation center.
In addition, LERN staff have begun shipping boxes of blankets and food to Lafayette on behalf of LERN and LERN staff members.

Doug Soo
Vancouver, BC

LERN (Learning Resources Network)

* MONEY. Make checks out to "American Red Cross" with a footnote "for Hurricane Katrina victims" and mail to Elaine Livers, University of Louisana Lafayette, P.O. Box 42411, Lafayette, LA 70504.
Or you can contribute online to the national Red Cross at

* FOOD. Ship food, water, and blankets via UPS or Fed Ex to this address:
Elaine Livers
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Continuing Education
1606 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
If the carrier needs a phone number, give 337-482-6169.

- Go to your store and look for items on sale to maximize your donation. Look for cans, dry food, and bottled water.
- It is fine to send quantities of the same item.
- Regular sized boxes around 20"x20"x20" appear to cost less to ship than one enormous box. A box of 50 pounds will probably cost around $20 to ship UPS.

* Let LERN know of your gift so we can encourage others and recognize your participation.

Elaine Livers

We need food, water, blankets, and other things of this nature for evacuees. We are 200 miles west of New Orleans and have many of the evacuees being bussed into our city. We are putting up thousands of people in our Cajundome. Any help would be appreciated.

Elaine D. Livers, Director
Continuing Education
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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