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Gemi Powell

My son Andrew had equally difficult time enrolling in college. Trying to meet with a counselor that didn't have an office or a phone, worked between 3 campuses and no one ever knew where she was when. Enrollment was impossible without her signature. most of what we heard in our 1 month journey to college enrolment was: The class is full, the class is not going to make, it's too early you have to wait, it's too late, we can't change the schedule now or without the signature, come back at 7:30am, no not now come back at 12pm, no not yet come back at 3pm, no not yet come back at 5:30pm, no not yet come back in the morning at 7:30am, sorry we do not open until 8.

I actually work for the college.

I began to think, if it is this difficult for someone that actually works for the college what must it be like for students that do not have parental involvement or support and do not know the system.

What happens to those students that give up? Are we successful at our jobs or have we missed why we are here?

Vance Neudorf

Yesterday someone dropped your book on my desk while I was out of the office. I returned, took a quick look and set it aside. Later at a meeting I heard from the person who had left the book and he told me this was worth reading. I have since read a few chapters and find that I indeed should not have judged the book by its cover. My recommendation to you would be to change the cover when it is time to reprint. I think it could be more attractive to people who see it cold for the first time

Cram Touple

Sammie may want to read these papers by some of my colleagues. These are peer-reviewed and this year's is in the running for #1 out of 1,500 peer-rev. papers!
Interesting insights by Africans and Americans

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