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Rich Harrison

I refused to read any of the assigned school reading/books until my 4th grade teacher freed me from the "approved" shevles in the school library. During my 4th and 5th grade year I read every book on science and WWII the school libray had to offer and really haven't slowed down much since. Until reading this blog I have just been grateful to my 4th grade teach, Ms. Rector, for giving the freedom to read what I wanted to read - what an exceptional gift for a 4th grader! This puts her wisdow in a whole new context for me.

Terry Newman

Back in the 50s and 60s when my mom was teaching school, many parents of boys asked her how to get their sons to read. My mom told them to let the boys read anything they wanted (excluding porn, etc), cereal boxes, the same comic book over and over, whatever it took to get the boys reading. I guess she was ahead of her time!

Kristin Hokanson

I just noticed in this July 27 edition of Education Week that they do online chats for K-12 education leaders. The chat on September 7 (Wed) from 3 - 4 pm (eastern time) is on "The Ins and Outs of Virtual Schools".
I thought I would bring it to your attention in case anyone from LERN would like to participate.

The announcements states that you can submit questions before each chat or ask questions while the chat is in progress. The chat series is free and
you can access it at: Transcripts are available at

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