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Just saw this - I've taken off most of the summer from work and I've been outside most of the time. I had to smile, because this was about me.

Another addition, though. Now the boss wants us to report back about our meetings at another meeting. Funny thing is, we've posted our "minutes" to the intranet every week. We don't think he knows how to use the intranet, and that's why he makes us report back.


Bob Wallace

I'm glad Willie graduated. School systems are such a large bureaucracy and it will take a long time to bring them to the realization that they have a problem (which they aren't there yet) and to actually get on the path toward fixing it. I read something several years ago that in a bureaucracy such as the school system, an idea takes 20 years to be implemented by the fringe element who is ahead of the curve and 50 years for everyone else. So, we have a long way to go, and I doubt that there will be substantial change in our lifetimes, I'm sorry to say.

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