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James Addison

The problem with todays model - and the reason behind much of what the music/movie industry consider to be piracy is that consumers are expected to pay too much for something that often does not meet their expectations - a CD that has 2 good and 8 rubbish tracks is not good value at £16 especially when you can burn your own CD with 10 good tracks for the same price (including legal, paid for, downloads). Film makers spend a fortune on making and then promoting their (often very poor)films - but restrict the release to cinemas in different parts of the world at different times of the year and when it is relased onto DVD they charge more than they do for the VHS version. All this does is to create dissatisfied consumers and a ripe market for illegal copying.
I think that IP will not change as such, the movies and music will still be 'owned' by a person or company BUT the way they are delivered and used will. Over the next few years the material will have to be made available for free (or very low cost) in a low quality/bit-rate version that consumers can pass along as they wish. If you want to purchase a high quality/high bit-rate version you can do so at a *reasonable* price. This allows the consumer to test-drive the media and buy what they want, when they want.

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