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Gemi Powell

I have two sons and they both exhibit the same challenges.

Remarks have been made to me such as, "have you considered special ed, how about medication, one teacher even told me, "I was looking for something that just wasn't there." My response is always, "have you considered challenging the student, teaching the way young people learn today?"

What about future mindedness, creativity, challenging the status quo? What about progress, development and risk taking? What about being more than what has always been. What about looking at things in a different way, trying new perspectives, and knowing that there is not only one way to do things correctly.

My oldest is now 18, still in high school, and can translate Chinese, Greek, Latin, and Spanish. He tutors math outside of school to college students and challenges his math and chemistry instructors on the material presented. It takes him 5 to 7 day to master the latest video game and can work the rubix cube in just a short while.

It just doesn't make any sense to me. Special Ed?

He reads the textbook at the beginning of the year and is ready for the final exam, which he makes 110 on and ruins the curve. Everything in between is just busy work and counts as nothing to him.

I wonder, why is everything in society changing so rapidly while schools stay the same. The way it has always been done is all the schools seem to be able to manage.

The intelligence children have today is so different.

It doesn't matter what they know it matters mostly how they do it. Students must fit the mold of "A good student" or else they are not. Either you are or you aren't. The problem is always either 1) doesn’t work hard enough 2) emotional problem 3) learning disability. What about bored stiff and feels like they are wasting their time? Sometimes I think he would do better if the teacher was writing in Greek and speaking in Mandarin Chinese. Now that would be a challenge.

How about GED is the fifth grade and college instead of the sixth?

I can't imagine what the boys who don't know the subjects could do today in school if the calculus and chemistry were made into a video game where they could hook their game systems together, go online and play all night with a group of 8 to 20 other boys that don't know their subjects and can’t pass their classes.

The students that don't know science and are failing their classes would probably do something like find a cure to some horrible disease, find a solution to world huger, or balance the national budget.

Who knows? Right now let's just get him through the 12 grade. He can worry about world hunger later when graduates from Special Ed.


You know, in some ways, this behavior is pushed in the workplace, too. A lot of places still judge you on how long you keep your chair warm, instead of your outcomes. To some bosses, "if you have time lean, you have time to clean" - even if it's metaphorically. I've read the Nine Shift and whole-heartedly buy into it. We are still in the time of chaos where the old way still dominates, even if it doesn't work anymore.

Jock Addison

Just wondering where the D+ came from? Was there an exam or something that Willie didn't do well in? If all his previous work scored well doesn't that count or is it another sign of a messed up education system?

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