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鈥淥tro: quiero ser el 煤nico en ganar las tres Ligas m谩s importantes del mundo: la espa帽ola, la italiana y la inglesa. Y el tercero es dar a mi pa铆s algo que a煤n nadie le ha dado: el t铆tulo de campe贸n del mundo o de Europa. Esto es m谩s dif铆cil porque no me gusta entrenar selecciones. Es un sue帽o para m铆. Me parece que Portugal, un pa铆s peque帽ito, de diez millones de habitantes, sin un potencial econ贸mico, sin grandes infraestructuras, tiene un f煤tbol que merece algo importante鈥?
camiseta de Barcelona
Obteniendo el primero de sus tres Scudettos en la temporada 1962/63, el equipo fue consolid谩ndose hasta ganarse el respeto de todos, mostr谩ndose siempre resolutivo y d谩ndose el gusto de levantar dos veces seguidas la Copa de Europa, imponiendo su poco espectacular forma de jugar ante el Real Madrid de Alfredo Di St茅fano (Temp. 63/64) y el Benfica de Eusebio (Temp. 64/65) en dos finales bien distintas, y la Copa Intercontinental, derrotando en ambas ocasiones a Independiente.
camisetas futbol
Cuando parec铆a que el partido iba a penales, faltando cinco minutos para el final del alargue, Messi meti贸 un exquisito pase entre los centrales del conjunto ucraniano y habilit贸 a Pedro, quien solo tuvo que definir a un costado del arquero Andriy Pyatov.
camiseta futbol baratas

Jack Tanis

Well that is almost what I said....

The term "Productivity" comes out of the industrial term of measuring whether we get more output with the same or less input. That is great for factory work or office work which is focused on a very linear process. It is essentially what Peter Drucker called an "Efficiency" measure ("doing things right" - March 1963 HBR) Drucker went on to say that busnesses need and equal and balanced set of "Effectiveness" measures ("doing the right things") which he later called "Knowledge Work". This is the kind of work which is done in an iterative, creative process (as opposed to linear). It likewise emphasizes collaboration between knowledge workers which is why we are seeing the shift from largly individual work (I) to collaborative work (We). So you may ask, what are these new effectiveness measures? While the answer is not simple they fall into broad categories including, Innovation, Work Process, Decision Making, Learning and Communication. The actual measures are not the same for each organization, but most fall into these 5 categories.

Harold Jarche

Interesting that you are asking a similar question to what was just posted on Worthwile:
"Kevin Kelly, in his book, 10 Rules for the New Economy, got it right: "Any job that can be measured for productivity probably should be eliminated from the list of jobs that people do. . .Where humans are most actively engaged with their imaginations, we don't see productivity gains -- and why should we? Is a Hollywood movie company that produces longer movies per dollar more productive that one that produces shorter movies?"

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