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David R. Williams

There is liitle me in the big city of London - which is actually a whole bunch of cities densely packed together - thinking I just about knew about what was happening techonolgy wise and you educated me to know that people don't want to spend valuable time driving they would prefer to go by train.

In London we price a journey on how much the fuel would cost, that is why they brought in congestion charging makes you think of using public transport. Catch a train to another city and your charged the full price, looks mighty expensive compared with car fuel costs ($7 a gallon!) but nobody takes the real cost of car ownership into account. A car costs say £18,000 new - just 36 months later is it ony worth £7,000.

What is happening in the UK is that on-line with home delivery is taking business away from the High Street and the High Street are blaming Asda (Walmart) - In my own opinion the State should control all public transport because then they can gather taxes from travellers and keep other taxes low but maybe they have read you book.

Clive French

Very interesting first chapter .looking forward to reading the whole book.
Im from England but currently live in Hamburg Germany, dont have a car here as there is no point = public transport is efficient and cost effective plus the place is as flat as a pancake and ideal for a bike. It reflects the new society that you describe, close and compact (only the shops are never open when you want them). From my experiences of living in the US I would agree to your theory of work/living locations, however i would suggest that it is very pronounced in the US compared with Europe and perhaps is so because of the relative poulation densities. Interesting developments in the UK is the massive shift between North/South where people are moving en mass to the South East chasing the new jobs. I guess there is little option for working at home yet and they havnt sorted out the train system my experience employers do prefer to see their staff turn up for the day!!!!..

Question: The massive changes of the last century made two world wars possible, will the next changes yield a similar senario?, im not so sure i agree with you on the redistribution of wealth thats a large step for the human race to take..nice thought though, but if it were to happen will it make me richer or poorer.........................
All the best

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