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LERN Tammy

I wanted to share an excerpt on the subject of education and personal growth from a book by Dr. Leo Buscaglia.

“Great Hope lies in education. Through education a boy is offered his first possible exceptional and exciting attitudes and definitions of life and love. Be he’s soon disillusioned. In place of freeing him to pursue his own world, he is now in a new environment often even less flexible than his home. Charles Reich makes this point dramatically in The Greening of America: ‘While the school’s authority is lawless, school is nevertheless an experience made compulsory by the full power of the law, including criminal penalties. School has no prison bars, or locked doors like and insane asylum, but the student is no more free to leave it than a prisoner is free to leave the penitentiary.’

With the child thus imprisoned, formal education assumes as its major task the process of passing on the “accumulated knowledge of the past,’ usually at the expense of the present and the future. It is a “feeding in” rather than a “leading out.” Everything is taught but seemingly what is necessary for the growing individual’s knowledge of self, of the relationship of his self to others. He finds many of his teachers lifeless individuals, devoid of enthusiasm, hope and joy. Teachers are too busy “managing” to be “creating.” As Albert Einstein said, “It is nothing short of a miracle that instruction today has not strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.”

So the boy, now fully grown, leaves our schools confused, lonely, alienated, lost, angry, but with a mind full of isolated, meaningless facts which together are laughingly called an education. He knows neither who he is, where he is or how he got there. He has no concept of where he’s going, how to arrive there nor what he’ll do when he gets there. He has no idea what he has, what he wants, nor how to develop it. In essence, he’s a type of robot – old before his time, living in the past, confused by the present, frightened by the future, much like the teachers who made him.”

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