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Suzanne Kart

Glad to hear it! My 3 1/2 year old loves her computer. She can't quite read yet, so she's not really surfing, but we bought her some "learning" games. I was worried, because she wants to play them so much. However, about a month ago she started writing her name with her crayons. I hadn't even thought of teaching her that. The way she learned: She got sick of having to call us over to type in her name to start a new game, so she watched us and figured it out. The leap from the keyboard to crayons and paper was easy from there!

Oh, and by the way. Her name is 7 letters long. It took some concentration on her part.

My parents (baby boomers) think she's a super genius. I just think she's lucky to have access to so much technology this young. Can you even imagine what they'll be like as adults?

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