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Stephen Harlow

James Zull's The Art of Changing the Brain is an excellent introduction to how the brain works and its implications for learning. I was recommended it by Helen Barrett and I only affirm the books value. It should be required reading in every teacher education course.


You wrote, "So yes indeed, a teacher/parent/employer's job is EXACTLY to understand how each kid's mind works. Because that is the key to that kid's future."

This may or may not be true, but what fascinates me even more is the idea that maybe it's the KID's job to understand how her/his mind works. And the teacher to understand how their mind works. If the idea that if even two people did that, the whole class would benefit.

Who will teach us how our mind works? So much interesting work is being done to discover the answers. I hope you'll poste links to some of your favorite books or research here on the blog.

Is understanding the brain understanding the mind? Another great question--just now being fathomed by behavorial medicine and cognitive scientists.

Here's a link to a web site of Dr. B. Alan Wallace, a man who knows quite a bit about the mind, AND the brain, and a few scientists and others who participate in a prestigious international conference about those topics each year.

Bill & Julie

Thanks for being here Stephen and Robert.

Robert Paterson

Thanks Stephen for pointing me here. I have my coffee at hand and am about to dig in

Stephen Harlow

Great to see you've got an RSS feed so I can follow your insightful writing more easily. You might be interested in the writing of Robert Paterson, who coincidently, has blogged about the school system and its fascination with the mean. I've tried to connect both your ideas on my blog. Feel free to comment.

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