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Rebel Eichelberger

First of all, a knowledge of guns and gun safety would benefit you immensley. Neither of which you possess. I highly doubt you have ever fired a gun in your life, let alone posess one. I don't know which gun "expert" you are quoting, but they are definatetly misinformed. Try actual research instead of the first MSM article that appears on Google. It is a proven fact that countries and cities with open carry laws have reduced gun violence crime rates. Look at Chicago, with the most strict gun laws, and have the highest gun crime rates. Guns in Chicago are illegal, but it doesn't prevent the most gun crimes in the US. We protect our airports, courthouses, even concerts from no one entering with a gun, but yet we fail to protect our scools. Why? Because armed guards and metal detectors are to scarey for children? But yet you have no problem with going through the same procedure to fly to visit Grandma in Seattle, to take your kids with you to get your drivers licence renewed, or go to court. It's not a gun problem. It's a parent problem. When you let violent video games babysit your children in their formative years what do you expect? The problem is parents not being parents. Not being envolved in their childrens lives as they should be. It's not guns.

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